Casino Bonus

Casino Bonuses

Online casino offers players different types of bonuses to attract them to sign up with their sites and deposit cash. If you wonder why these casinos are offering you free money, the answer is not hard to find. For one thing, they don’t have overheads as high as the traditional land-based casinos, and for another the competition online is somewhat tough. By offering you bonuses, you are enticed into making the initial deposit with a particular casino, so that you can go along and play your favorite games by using the bonuses, in addition to your bankroll.

Bonuses are of various types and are as follows:

  • Cashable Bonuses

Like the name implies cashable bonuses are just that, meaning you can cash them and to do this, you have to fulfill the wagering requirements of the game/s you are playing. These games and requirements vary from one casino to another. So before you begin playing, it is always wise to carefully go through the fine print of the Terms & Conditions and to really understand the conditions under which you can make a cashout.

However, there is one thing for you to be careful about: certain online casinos tend to cancel the bonus if you order a withdrawal, and often this includes your winnings too. So before you withdraw, ensure that you have satisfied all the wagering requirements. In case you are not sure of just how much betting you have to do before making a cashout, ask the customer support.

  • Sticky Type Bonus I

You can use this type of bonus to wager but not to withdraw. All winCasino Bonusnings gained from this bonus can be withdrawn, when you decide to do so, from your casino. For example, if your bonus amounts to €100 and you have won €50, technically you have €150 accrued in your player’s account and with this bonus, you can withdraw only €50. After this, the sticky type I bonus will be removed permanently from your player’s account. The advantage of a sticky I bonus is that you can use it to wager, thereby adding to your chances of fulfilling the wagering requirements.

  • Sticky Type Bonus II

The only difference from the sticky type II bonus and sticky type I bonus is that the former is removed, in case you decide to withdraw. This means that you can go on wagering using this type of bonus, and enhance all your chances to win. So, players prefer sticky type II bonus over the sticky I bonus.


All online casinos have instituted turnover or wagering requirements as well as restrictions to safeguard the bonuses that they give away. Wagering requirement is usually displayed along with a number as also an ‘x’. The number means the number of times you need to wager your first deposit amount, and ‘x’ denotes your bonus amount, or your bonus plus deposit amount, for your bonus to be cashable. As far as the game restrictions are concerned, your bonus will be allowed only on slot games, and the wagers placed on other types of games like roulette or blackjack won’t contribute to the wagering requirements.

In case you wish to find out the entire wagering requirements and game restrictions for the online casinos of your choice, you should go through their individual review, that shows in complete detail all the information that you will ever need. In fact, all this information is to be found on the Terms & Conditions of the casinos. And in the event of a deposit bonus fails to indicate the Terms and Conditions, leave the casino immediately.