Black jack


Black jack is also popularly known as 21 and is among the most popular card games that are played worldwide. It is believed that the game originated with the Spanish sailors who used to play it during long voyages to pass the time and then taught it to people in other countries when they landed at port. The game dates back several centuries and a similar version of the game is also played in France.

How do you play black jack

While a number of different players can take part in black jack simultaneously, each player plays against the dealer. The basic aim of the game is to try to get a score of twenty one or as close to it as possible with two or more cards or to simply beat the score of the dealer. Each player is dealt two cards face down and then they have to decide whether their hand is good enough to leave it as it is (stick) or ask for another card (twist). Dealing continues around the circle until each player has a hand that that they are satisfied with or they have chosen to opt out of the game (bust).

Rules of black jack

If a player reaches a score of more than 21, they automatically bust and are out of the game. The minimum score that a player can have in any hand is sixteen and if they have lower than sixteen, they have to ask for more cards. If a player is dealt to cards of the same value, they are allowed to split their hand and play two hands simultaneously if they so wish. If a player has a hand of the same value as the dealer, the dealer automatically wins.

Play black jack in your mobile

People who want to enjoy the magic of playing black jack in their spare time no matter where they happen to be, they have the option to play black jack on their mobile phones. A wide range of black jack applications have been created that are completely free to download and play, and this gives gamers the chance to play even when they are on the move. Many mobile casinos also offer gamers the chance to play black jack on their mobiles and win actual cash if they are able to beat the dealer.

Count cards

People who learn how to count cards will have an additional advantage when it comes to playing black jack. Although this is frowned upon in strict circles, it is not actually illegal despite rumors to the contrary. Counting cards basically just means remembering the different values of the cards that have already been played so that you can estimate the chances of face cards being dealt in the next hand and have an idea of how to bid.

Other card games

Poker has long been a popular card game and there are many different ways to play the game with equally diverse rules and styles. People who enjoy playing card games alone can also unwind themselves by playing solitaire.

Live black jackBlack jack

People who want to experience the excitement of playing black jack in a casino while being surrounded by the comforts of their own home will love playing live black jack. As the name suggests, this game takes place in real time with actual players all connected via internet. There is even an opportunity to chat with other players during the game via special dialogue boxes which allows gamers to make new friends. Live black jack has enabled players to participate, play, win and make friends from the comforts of their home.